M132 Microgun Extension Shroud

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Do you find yourself lacking in the length department when using your M132 Microgun?  Do you wish sometimes you had the ability to reach out a little farther to touch someone with your bbs?  This minigun shroud fits over the Classic Army M132 Microgun, and allows for extension of inner barrels inside to increase range and fps.

The shroud also allows easy access to reload the Microgun, leaving the port threads exposed so you can still reach them with your finger.  Using a funnel, it can easily fit over the new shroud to allow for much quicker loading.

NOTE: increased barrel length requires higher pressure to match the FPS to barrel length, otherwise the bb will unintentionally 'spin' while still accelerating.

This item is 3D printed, and can be made in a variety of colors.  Contact us for more details.

Microgun not included.