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Did pesky little desert rodents strip away pieces of your ride to sell at on their dilapidated moving chop-shop?  Need some disintegration action?

Say no more. This is the Waybolt - a 6-foot bodykit for Tokyo Marui VSR-10 and other VSR-spec airsoft sniper rifles.  
Will come as a complete item or as a kit for those who already own a VSR-10 or similar spec rifle.

The CronoArms Waybolt is a custom, hand made piece inspired by the Star Wars Mandalorian sniper rifle blaster, the Amban Phase Pulse Disruptor.

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  • 6 Feet in Length!
  • Compatible with all VSR/BAR spec airsoft rifles
  • Upgradeable
  • 3D printed plastic and PVC
  • Comes with a picatinny rail for real optics
  • Mock scope can be removed in place of real optics