CroNade Rounds

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The CroNade is a Taginn compatible, 40mm chalk marking screaming airsoft grenade. With it's rifled engineered design, can be fired accurately over 400 ft of range using only propane.

The soft 0.4mm thick shell tip breaks open to release a cloud of chalk upon impact.  The 0.8mm base also shreds itself upon impact, leaving only biodegradable plastic debris - making the CroNade transfer less energy to the target than competitor foam rounds.  While the CroNade is not intended to be fired at soft targets, it is safer than any chalk marking round available on the market currently.

The engineered triple vortex whistles allow the CroNade to howl through the air as it rains down upon targets.  Use to disable enemy vehicles, destroy objectives, clear rooms, and tag structures!

The polyactic acid bioplatic used to make the CroNade is the same plastic used in biodegradable bbs, making the CroNade a sustainable alternative to littering foam and vacuum formed plastic at your local field.

Approx weight: 1 ounce



  • Taginn Compatible
  • Chalk marking round shoots up to 400 ft with fresh propane
  • Screams as it flies through the air!
  • Biodegradable Polyactic Acid Bioplatics
  • Not intended to be fired at soft targets!