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Show those primitive screwheads what's groovy with your new boomstick!  The CronoArms Angryshot XL is top of the line!  This sweet baby is made inhouse at our Tempe, Arizona location.  Made of PLA and ABS with a 2-stage hair trigger.  Make sure none of those primates ever touches you in CQB.

Longer grenade launcher barrels allow a tighter grouping of pellets from airsoft moscart shells, minimizing spread and increasing range.  This is especially useful when trying to minimize the spread of AI Mastermike grenades to a more localized spread.

The Angryshot XL is a double barreled shotgunade launcher that can hold 40mm moscarts.
No more 3 round, 6 round, or 30 round shotguns. Unleash firepower with up to 120 rounds... per barrel! Or use them to launch rockets! Anything a 40mm moscart shell would fire!

  • Custom Made to Order. 1 Month lead time is required.
  • Will be sold with mandated orange tip.
  • Can be disabled and made inert for cosplay use
  • Compatible with all 40mm shells including shower shells, AI 40mikes and Mastermikes, and Taginn rounds.
  • Two stage trigger allows you to fire one barrel individually or both barrels at once.
  • The Scrapshot is an original design, made completely out of 3D printing materials.  It can be printed in any color (see color map).

Download user manual


  • Muzzle Velocity: Dependent on Moscarts
  • Includes: Gun
  • Gas Type: Dependent on Moscarts
  • Firing Mode: Break barrel Moscart launcher
  • System: Moscarts