Brickshot XL

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When you need a double barreled shotgunade launcher that is a bit more tactical.  With all the railing space to fit your flashlight, laser, scope, and gopro, the Brickshot is the non-aerodynamic gun you need to look really cool while showering people with a madness of pellets.

The XL features longer barrels.  Longer grenade launcher barrels allow a tighter grouping of pellets from airsoft moscart shells, minimizing spread and increasing range.  This is especially useful when trying to minimize the spread of AI Mastermike grenades to a more localized spread.

The Brickshot XL is a double barreled shotgunade launcher that can hold 40mm moscarts.
No more 3 round, 6 round, or 30 round shotguns. Unleash firepower with up to 120 rounds... per barrel! Or use them to launch rockets! Anything a 40mm moscart shell would fire!

  • Custom Made to Order. 1 Month lead time is required.
  • Will be sold with mandated orange tip.
  • Can be disabled and made inert for cosplay use

Download user manual

  • Compatible with all 40mm shells including shower shells, AI 40mikes and Mastermikes, and Taginn rounds.
  • Two stage trigger allows you to fire one barrel individually or both barrels at once.
  • The Scrapshot is an original design, made completely out of 3D printing materials.  It can be printed in any color (see color map).


  • Muzzle Velocity: Dependent on Moscarts
  • Includes: Gun
  • Gas Type: Dependent on Moscarts
  • Firing Mode: Break barrel Moscart launcher
  • System: Moscarts