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Are you tired of constantly cleaning up candles and demonic guts from your Mars facility? Does ripping and tearing get tiring and sometimes wish you had some firepower to back it up?

The Endshot is a double barreled super shotgunade launcher that can hold 40mm moscarts.
No more 3 round, 6 round, or 30 round shotguns. Unleash firepower with up to 120 rounds... per barrel! Or use them to launch rockets! Anything a 40mm moscart shell would fire!  Bring swift eternal DOOM to whole rooms!

  • Custom Made to Order. 1 Month lead time is required.
  • Will be sold with mandated orange tip.
  • Default Color in Silver. Available in custom colors. Contact us for more details prior to ordering.  Colors may vary from picture to final product.
  • Can be disabled and made inert for cosplay use.

The CronoArms Endshot is a custom, hand made piece inspired by Super Shotgun in Doom Eternal, the Doom Slayer's Diaboloical Musket, Lucifer's Bane.

Download user manual


  • Compatible with all 40mm shells including shower shells, AI 40mikes and Mastermikes, and Taginn rounds.
  • Two stage trigger allows you to fire one barrel individually or both barrels at once.
  • The Endshot is an original design, made completely out of 3D printing materials.  It can be printed in any color (see color map). 


  • Muzzle Velocity: Dependent on Moscarts
  • Includes: Gun
  • Gas Type: Dependent on Moscarts
  • Firing Mode: Break barrel Moscart launcher
  • System: Moscarts