R-Hopped Barrel Kit with CroNub

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What IS this thing? What makes this kit different?  Click here to read our FAQs!

Our RHops consist of a bespoke cut and precision-installed patch of silicone tubing.  Critically, our kit features our in-house designed and produced CroNub, a massive innovation over traditional "eraser" or "sorbo" nub mods.  

We of course include a prepared "flat bucking" already installed onto a stainless steel 6.02mm ID ZCI barrel, which have multiple cuts to fit M4 and M14 spec applications.

No mods necessary.  This is a drop-in barrel kit. Install the parts and go.


***We are currently utilizing ZCI barrels exclusively in our stocked kits.  If you are interested in a different barrel or specific application(ex: Prometheus, PDI, etc), or for any other technical questions, please contact us via email at cronoarms.jules@gmail.com